The inexplicable friendship of Mr Sea and Mr Sand is suitable for 3+ and beyond. Make sure you bring a towel!


All Mr Sand wanted to do was relax and enjoy the breeze of the sea air on his skin and the sunshine on his face. Simple pleasures. However, he did not know that he would have to share the beach with someone else. Let's just say Mr Sand's day was about to be turned upside down and inside out. Caught up in the whirl pool of Mr Sea's chaos Mr Sand does everything he can to get a bit of peace and quiet. 

This interactive clowning spectacle is fun for all the family. Join in and enjoy this small adventure with a huge heart. 


 - The Upcoming -

"Sunshine promises a long life in terms of its success at the sold-out venue and in its transferability of the friendship between the comical duo."


Edinburgh Life with Kids -

"Imagine every possible thing that would make children howl with laughter – and then roll them all into one show."

- Families Edinburgh Magazine -

“Mummy, my tummy is sore cause I have laughed so hard...“

I am not surprised I haven’t heard so much laughter in one room for a long time. "


- Three Weeks - 

"get yourself a good dose with these guys whatever the weather."


- The Family Stage - 

"the most enjoyable elements of this show is listening to the sound of uncontrollable laughter from audience members"


- Ed Fringe Review - 

"Children’s Theatre is so important and can be difficult to pull off, but Sunshine really gets it right."


 - Champagne & Snotty Noses -

"We would certainly go back!"


Edinburgh Mummy - 

"Won't be able to help yourself laughing, even proper grown ups."

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Lauderdale House Theatre, Highgate

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