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What we believe

We make "visually engaging, highly energetic, beguilingly bizarre, enchanting" theatre for all. We believe in trusting the instincts of the performer to live as they need in their journeys through living art. We are always interested in the next idea because behind each one another story is waiting to be shared. 

Through theatre, social understanding and shared experiences have a great power to unite us. Politics, reasoning, insight - are all contained in the stories we explore without having the need to be overly explicit. We often ask, "Is there another way?" or "How can we stretch this further?". All in the aim of full exploration. 

We believe that in a busy world you don't have to shout the loudest to be heard. Trust and belief in your abilities and convictions still hold strong here. Rules are made so things wont be hurt or abused but rather than blindly follow all rules we choose to embark on a friendliness towards existence. 

If you are kind you will naturally do the right thing. This is how we create together. If you have ideas and stories share them. We have. We do. We will do more - together.


Stickyback Theatre are a predominately comedy lead theatre company based in London. Set up in 2011 it has delivered touring shows, commissioned works, creative projects and world collaborations. Stickyback often play at leading theatre festivals.


A trust in personal narratives and development are at the core of the work which often fuses multiple theatrical disciplines. Puppetry, clown and commedia dell’arte are deeply rooted in our play. Everything is in house made, utilising skills to enhance work by new collaborators and artists. Stickyback run workshops in Commedia, mask making, clown, creative writing and puppetry.  They have taught all over the UK at drama schools and institutions as well as internationally.


2019 saw them initiate The Traveling Masks project. A world first in its aims to spread theatre from grass roots companies world wide. They are Comedy Award winners having beat over 700 shows to the title at 2013 Brighton Fringe and runners up in 2014. 

About us

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